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Stuff that matters - at least for me.


My name is Anton Bangratz, and I am living in Vienna with my Burmese cat Igor. I am working as software engineer and developer for RadarServices Smart Security GmbH.

I am an Agile Evangelist and expert in XP, TDD and related Agile methods. My favourite tools are vim, Rails, PostgreSQL and Debian Linux as well as GRML. As real productivity enhancers, I use a lot of plugins by Tim Pope.

I try to contribute to various FOSS projects - I believe in giving back via bugfixes and suggestions to the projects I use daily. You can find a lot about these on my github account.

I have been working in IT since 1992, mostly as programmer, but had my share of operations work, project and team leading as well as training and coaching. But churning out viable solutions to impossible problems in short time with a good team is what I like best.

With the emerging of DevOps I also found a way to formulate what I did years before: integration of operations and development, and bringing more automation to the former. I am therefor an advocate of all techniques that help you to get there: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, …

In meetings I might play buzzword bingo, too. And yes, my t-shirts are black. Some might be gray. Most have nerdy stuff on them. Stereotyping can be fun!